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About Us

MeetOpportunity is the perfect social marketplace for you to meet with like-minded individuals, sellers, buyers, advertisers, service providers and consultants in practically every niche you can think. Think of us as a ‘people marketplace’ where you can carry out buy-sell transactions, offer and get advice on what product or service to choose, advertise, market your brand and much more all for a nominal payment. In effect, we present to you a platform where you can meet opportunity, get live advice from the people who have already done what you want to do and meet potential friends who think the same way as you do.  

Here is what we can do for you...  

MeetOpportunity helps: 

- Individuals and businesses in selling their products and services to a vast market share, helping them gain access to a wider customer base.
- Make the best advertising opportunities available to business owners and individuals alike. 

- Open up a platform for people to communicate with each other, learn and grow. 

- Create a channel for sale of products and services, open up a way for buyers to find discounted products easily.  

- Enable you to give and get live advice about products/services so that you can make savvy purchasing decisions. 

- Search for and interact with like-minded people. 

Our Service Options:

We know that our customers come from a varied range of backgrounds with a variety of needs, so we have different types of services on offer.


Free User Membership

With this service package, you can:  

- Track Purchase Orders. 
- Communicate internally with Store owners. 
- “Crave” Favorite Items. 
- “Meet&Share”, i.e.: socializing with other registered members.
- Review Stores and Products. 
- Give and get live advice about Stores, Products, and Services. 
- Share feedback to MeetOpportunity.  

In short, this no-frills package gives you access to most critical aspects of our site.


Basic Store Membership/ Premium Store Membership 

You have all the benefits of the Free User and then some. You can create a customized online store, a sort of mini-social marketplace, to sell goods or services. You can meet people online, give and take opinions and advice and do your bit to draw more people to your social marketplace.


Paid Ad Package  

This package is perfect for you if you do not have your store yet but need a social marketplace to advertise products or services and do your selling or marketing. Your Ads are displayed under the PlugList platform.  Because this is a social venue where users interact with each other through the Meet&Share module, you have the prime opportunity to educate everyone about your product/ service even as you are socializing.



With this, you can:   

- Provide feedback and live advice about third-party services and products. 

- Share opinions that would benefit other users. 

- Seek advice from peers before buying a product or service. 

- Make new customers, meet people and also meet potential friends.


Simple, transparent fee structure  

Once you sign up, you pay only for the package(s) you decide to choose (PayPal fees extra, if applicable). We maintain complete transparency, so there is no question of hidden fees anywhere. 

Find great deals while you interact with great people - Sign up today!