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Meet&ShareSM is a social platform where you can interact with other registered users about any common interest related to products or services. You can also share any useful information to other members of the community.


Through Meet&Share, you will be able to:

  • Communicate with other users via Konnecting feature and Meet&Share Forum feature below.
  • Share opinions that would benefit other users via Meet&Share Forum and Konnecting features.
  • Pitch your products or services via Meet&Share Ads feature.
  • Provide feedback about other third-party products or services via Meet&Share Forum.
  • Seek advice from peers before buying a product or service via Konnecting and Meet&Share Forum.
  • Make new customers and even potential new friends via Konnecting and Meet&Share Forum.


All the activities mentionned above can be performed by using the below features of Meet&Share.

Konnecting is an Instant Messaging System that includes Live One-on-One chat feature and Live Group Chat feature. Under Konnecting, the conversation never ends, even when users are offline. The instant message you sent will always wait for the recipient when he returns online to see. 


Meet&Share Forum is the place where you have discussion forum with all registered members of our MeetOpportunity community.You are free to discuss about any topic that interests you, share your opinion with the community and comment on any subject that pleases you. 


Meet&Share Ads has been implemented to be like a bulletin board where you can advertise your products or your services. The Ads published under Meet&Share Ads are displayed in Banner Ad format. All Meet&Share Ads are Banner Ads of different types: Leaderboard Banner Ad, rectangle Banner Ad,...


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